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Open Studios
Concerts at the DOME

Tracey Roberts - grand piano / vocals
Robert Mercer - drums
Jon Magill - sax/flute
STAX - didgeridoos


2pm - 2:40pm - gold coin donation

Studio/gallery open 10-5 both days

William Rd, The Patch
(...look for the flags...)

All info at

All welcome - come and check out the musical instrument garden, happy to chat about how I create my music and art - at the concert I'll be singing songs from the CDs, explaining music-colour synesthesia, playing the pictures and talking all about

See the Gig guide for upcoming concerts, radio interviews and festivals...

"Tracey Roberts is one of the unhidden
treasures of the Yarra Ranges"
Ann Creber 3MDR - 97.1 FM

" incredible act..."
2016 Castlemaine Jazz Festival


Floral Series - Art Card Bouquet

Floral Cards

12 large size Art Cards - normally $7 each - only $70.00


It's OPEN STUDIOS time again - can't wait!
Get all the info here...


I am one of the artists participating in the 2017 Dandenong Ranges Open Studios - a unique exhibition and weekend experience giving you the opportunity to meet artists in their working studios; it is in these curious and inspirational environments that the artist’s creative practice truly comes to life.

Now in its 13th year, there are 30 participating studios including Emerging Artists, Collectives and Individual Artists.

With almost 7000 studio visits in 2016, Creative Culture Vultures from local haunts and further afield ascend into the hills to meet the creative folk that make this region so creatively vibrant. Visit the studios that most intrigue or inspire you. You will have the unique opportunity to purchase artwork and hand crafted items directly from the artists, having been given insight into their creative world.

Dandenong Ranges Open Studios is the biggest creative 'Open Door' of the region.

I will be doing piano / vocal concerts on both days at 2pm on my grand piano with my band (drums, sax/flute and didgeridoos), overlooking my musical garden - would love to see you!

It's such a great program - be a part of something big, something special, and something oh so bright.

Be ready to explore, enjoy and be inspired!


Latest CD Single - Alexandra (The song of the Selkies) ...includes a bonus track "The Water is wide"

Only $8.00 (plus $2 Postage/handling)

If you would rather order by email, please email

Alexandra (the Song of the Selkies)

This artwork is available as a limited edition print and it is also the artwork on the cover of the new single, "Alexandra (the Songs of the Selkies)", released at Maldon 2015.

In Celtic Folklore, Selkies are playful, contradictory creatures who live in the ocean as seals but on a full moon, they discard their fur skins and transform into humans as they venture ashore to sing and dance. The Selkie women are said to be intoxicatingly beautiful.


"Alexandra" (detail) - limited edition print available

Limited edition print: 250mm x 600mm
(the song of the Selkies)
Framed  $690         Print only  $450

For more information:  0418 872 444

If you would like to order one, please email

Check out the fine art page for the full catalogue



Personalised pieces of artwork for clients - depicting your life story, or fantasy portrait or a collection of your favourite thing(s)...

Click here or on this image to take you to


The perfect gift for...

* a significant birthday / event
* that amazing person who inspires you
* a work colleague leaving
* family keepsake / heirloom for a departed loved one
* ...or just something special for yourself / or both of you!


in 2017
- more dates soon...


Tracey Roberts' geodesic dome gallery in the Patch in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges is always open by appointment and has periodic Open Studio and concert events throughout the year, including at the Dandenong Ranges Open Studios.

For more info: 0418 872 444
or email:

The geodesic DOME Gallery
The Patch, VIC

(...and yep, that's the big red truck!)

Play Me

A high-quality audio product with a visual component - a very fine recording of the concert at LIVE at Baker Street in July 2013. Includes:

* The 30 minute instrumental improvisation on the grand piano in the magnificent amphitheatre at Burwood Music Centre.
* 6 smaller 1-2 minute improvs inspired by audience's suggestions.
* Interviews about the concert performances (all improvs)
* Descriptions of selected pieces of artwork, explanations about my music-colour synesthesia, what it means to me and how I use it to create my music and my art.




A visual and audio recording of the PLAY ME concert performed at LIVE @ Baker Street in July 2013.

This Blu-ray contains the 30 minute improvised piano PLAY ME concert which Tracey performed in July 2013 at 33 & 1/3 auditorium at LIVE at Baker Street. There are also some of the smaller 1-2 minute improvised instrumental pieces inspired by the audience. Interviews about the concert and a selection of artwork also grace this wonderful new visual and audio release and the sound quality is second to none.



Shades of Blue

Original songs plus a few favourite standards - this is a sensitive and intimate CD with sublime, emotive vocals coupled with the gorgeous, rich textures and colours of the full-length Steinway grand piano.

To order your copy now, please email your request to:
$25 AUS (plus $5 postage and handling.)

“Shades of Blue - beautifully recorded, excellent
songs - a true work of art.” David Miller, 3MDR 97.1 FM

“When she plays the piano and sings,
it just fits together like a glove.” Michael Crichton, 3WBC 94.1 FM

"Shades of Blue" CD release




Limited Edition FINE ART prints
Three French Horns
limited edition print - various sizes

"Three French Horns" - limited edition print

Check out the fine art page for the full catalogue



These are custom made pieces of artwork for clients who want something special and unique. Have a look at the artwork on the Commissions page and see what other clients have said.

This one is for a client living with brain cancer, who is very happy with her own personalised piece of's entitled

"Outrunning the Reaper"...

Tracey Roberts - Lyn
Commissioned artwork "Outrunning the Reaper"


"Weardale" - commissioned art (one off)


Framed-Linda-WWW SM.jpg
"Linda" - commissioned art (limited edition print)


If you're interested in posters, CD artwork, flyers, banners, art cards and the like, to promote your event, group, latest CD or artwork etc feel free to give me a call. It's affordable and efficient.

Check out the illustration & graphic design page for more details and info and samples of some of the products.



Cathy CD art





If you're into Community Arts Projects, I've done a few now and would be happy to help! This piece is the result a commissioned painting workshop project to produce a 3 panel wall hanging for Transition Towns Maroondah. At the Maroondah Festival in November 2013 we had lots of kids helping to "PAINT THE FUTURE" and we completed the first 2 panels then ran out of time so completed the wall hanging with the bottom panel at the May 2014 Croydon Farmers Market. It's been a wonderful project, I've loved drawing everyone's ideas and the kids have loved painting colourful images of what they would like to see in the future - including solar panels, wind turbines, market gardens, electric cars and a flying dog!

For enquiries for Community projects please contact Tracey Roberts.
mob: 0418 872 444

Community artwork project

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